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‘Amsterdam among top travel spots for Indians’ | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Amsterdam, followed by Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Melbourne are the top five trending destinations that Indian travellers are visiting this summer (June – August), according to Mastercard Economics Institute‘s “travel trends 2024: breaking boundaries” report released Thursday.
“Indian travellers are increasingly exploring key markets, with a 53%, 248% and 59% surge in visits to Japan, Vietnam, and the US, respectively, compared to 2019,” it said.The rising US dollar has not dissuaded desi travellers, as measured by the change in share of flight bookings. “This trend signifies a major shift in Indian travel habits towards widespread exploration,” the report added.
Airports in the country saw a record 9.7 crore passengers, domestic and international, from January to March, 21% and 4% higher respectively, compared to pre-pandemic 2019. “Just 10 years ago, the same figure would have taken a whole year to achieve,” it says. “Consumers in the Asia Pacific region have an intense desire to travel and are becoming increasingly savvy to ensure they get unforgettable experiences from their trips. For tourism authorities, retailers, the hospitality the bottom line is that ‘costs matter’,” said David Mann, chief economist, Asia Pacific, Mastercard.