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Austria and the Netherlands sign agreement for joint purchase of KC-390 – Aeroflap

The Ministries of Defense of the Netherlands and Austria signed on April 19th a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the purchase of up to nine freighters Embraer KC-390 Millennium. 

As stipulated in the 39-page document, the purchase of the aircraft will be coordinated by the Netherlands and the two countries will study ways to cooperate in the acquisition, support and training activities with the C-390. Five planes will be destined for the Royal Dutch Air Force and the remaining four will be delivered to Austria. 

“This agreement marks a crucial moment in our national defense strategy, strengthening our military capabilities and improving our international collaboration with the Netherlands”, emphasized a spokesman for the Austrian Ministry of Defense. 

Austria and the Netherlands will purchase nine C-390s in partnership. Image: Embraer/Disclosure.

Developed by Embraer in partnership with Brazilian air force, the KC/C-390 Millennium was selected by the Netherlands in 2022 to replace the aging C-130 Hercules. In September 2023, Austria also chose the Brazilian multi-mission freighter to take the place of its C-130s. 

Although Amsterdam chose the Embraer jet and signed the agreement with Austria, the portal Aviation Week notes that the country has not yet formally signed the purchase of C-390s. The website says the reason for this is that the Netherlands has not formed a new government since elections held last November, which has slowed down the takeover. On the other hand, Austrian defense officials say the country’s first C-390s could be delivered as early as 2027.

Initially acquired by the FAB – which placed an order for 28 planes, later reduced to 19 – the C-390 was also selected by Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic and South Korea. Embraer is also negotiating the sale of the jet to Sweden, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries. 


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