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BBB offers safe shopping tips – WBBJ TV

JACKSON, Tenn. – With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, here are a few tips on how to save money and shop safely.

One tip for shoppers who prefer to grab those Black Friday deals in stores is to read the fine print. Some deals can be too good to be true. 

“Some retailers may offer an additional percentage off for a purchase but could exclude certain deals off, such as doorbusters. So watch out for companies that are offering a high percentage off the item. May be 75 percent off, but the original price may be inflated,” said Toddnetta Trice, the Communication Specialist for the Better Business Bureau.

Electronics are one of the most sought out deals for consumers. Make sure to research before you buy.

“Do your research. Read product reviews on extremely discounted items. So if you see that TV going for $98, make sure you read the reviews. Make sure it’s a TV that can hold out for years to come,” Trice said.

Holiday season is also a time when scammers are the busiest.

Some deals are harder to get in-store than others are. So Cyber Monday is another option for consumers who are more non-traditional. 

A few tips are to make sure when shopping online that you’re buying with a credit card and look for the lock in the top left corner next to the link. 

“Also be aware of spelling errors. We call it ‘scammer grammar.’ So look at some of the language that is being used on the website. If things are misspelled, we know legitimate companies will not have a product on their website misspelled,” Trice said.

A fear that some parents may have is items going out of stock.

In case of this event, try other stores or turn on notifications for restock alerts. 

“Be patient. You may have to wait a few months after Christmas. I know that’s something you don’t want to hear, but if you’re looking for something that’s in high demand, sometimes you’ll have to wait on it,” Trice said.

The Better Business Bureau also offers help to shoppers who are not confident with certain websites.

Experts also say keep an eye out for shopping in other cities. 

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