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Dave Portnoy hits massive $500,000 Chiefs Super Bowl 2024 bet

It’s all going right for Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy right now, as he hit another huge bet on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 2024.

The business mogul plopped down $500,000 on the Chiefs moneyline, and while he did not post the odds he received, one could assume he got plus-money at the minimum, doubling his $500,000 wager.

“It’s really simple. Always bet on Mahomes,” Portnoy said in post on X.

He did not mention which sportsbook he was using, although even as Barstool Sportsbook ceased to exist he has continued using ESPN BET after the rebrand.

San Francisco yet again blew a 10-point lead against the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, just like it did in Super Bowl 2020.

Portnoy was seen wagering on even the most obscure props during a live stream. He also wagered $10,000 on the coin toss, but he incorrectly picked tails.

Dave Portnoy goes wild on the Barstool live stream as the Chiefs win. Barstool Sports

Portnoy obviously came out on top regardless of that early outcome, as the $500,000 bet on the Chiefs was one of the biggest throughout the legal sports betting market.

Circa Sportsbook also reported a $1 million bet on the Chiefs, the only reported seven-figure wager on Kansas City.

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That six-figure win surely made it easier for Portnoy to stomach his enemy, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, chatting with Taylor Swift.

Patrick Mahomes celebrates another Super Bowl. Getty Images
Dave Portnoy (l) and Guy Fieri (r). Getty Images

Portnoy figures to be a busy man in the interim, as Sunday night he officially announced the “monster” deal with DraftKings that was leaked in January.

Barstool has already begun creating content for the sportsbook giant; on Monday night, Portnoy and “Big Cat” Dan Katz will attempt to make 41 consecutive free throws in a free-to-play competition.

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Portnoy was given his company, Barstool Sports, back from PENN National for $1 in 2023.

The length of Barstool’s non-compete clause for a gambling deal after the PENN split was previously undisclosed, but it turned out to be six months, leading to Sunday’s announcement.