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Dutch company relocates and wants to grow further

After almost a decade, Simba founders Maurice Ott and Rober Sijm have parted ways. Maurice will continue the Dutch company and has ambitious plans for further team growth and a move to a modern location where Simba can keep expanding in packaging, sorting, and exporting.

Simba’s Richard Timmer and Maurice Ott.

Simba trades potatoes, onions, and open-field vegetables. The new site is in North Holland, where the company will settle on the Maatschap Knibbe property. “Three brothers, Nico, Jim, and Luke, took over that family business in 2017. This year, they expanded with a 5000 m3 warehouse/cold storage (total 9000 m3),” says Maurice.

“It has a newly equipped office building and four loading and unloading docks. Together with Knibbe, Simba wants to move forward.” A second important location for Simba is Naylor Farm in England, which specializes in cabbages and potatoes. “Operating in the middle of these important growing areas means short communication lines,” Maurice explains, “and a good view of the quality.”

Products that Simba trades.

Simba, launched in 2014, turns ten next year. It has plenty of experience trading within the European Union and, after Brexit, intensified business with the United Kingdom. “To grow more, we’re looking for another trader to expand the team. We can then focus even better on the Polish and Eastern European markets,” concludes Maurice.

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