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Dutch gambling regulator issues warning to Cashbit Group

The KSA says the group will face fines if it continues to offer unlicensed gambling in The Netherlands. 

The Netherlands.- The Dutch gambling regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has warned Casbit Group that it will be hit with weekly fines if it continues to offer unlicensed online gambling in the Netherlands. It said it had already sent the operator several warnings about its Lala.bet site.

The KSA said that Casbit had responded to previous warnings by blocking access to the site for Dutch players. However, the KSA conducted a subsequent inspection and found that it was still possible to access the site from the Netherlands. It says that it will proceed to apply penalties of €280,000 per week up to a maximum of €840,000 if the operator does not make amends. 

The regulator said: “Strict rules and regulations apply to offering games of chance with a permit. These aim to provide a safe legal offer, where players are assured of fair play and are protected against gambling addiction. Offering illegal games of chance undermines this system and the safety of the player.”

The KSA has been stepping up its enforcement action this year. Last week, it ordered hosting provider DigitalOcean to stop offering services to illegal gambling affiliate sites. Meanwhile, the KSA has started working with Cloudflare to identify sites offering and promoting illegal gambling in the Netherlands. 

In March, the regulator issued a record €19.7m fine against Gammix Limited for offering online games of chance in the Netherlands without a licence.