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Eneco plans 800-MW green H2 hub at Rotterdam port area

Dutch utility Eneco on Monday unveiled plans to install a 800-MW electrolyser to produce green hydrogen for industrial customers in the Rotterdam port area.

The company has already lodged a planning application for the project and expects to be able to install the plant over the next few years.

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Under the plan, the Dutch utility will use electricity from solar and wind farms to power the electrolyser and produce up to 80,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. The green fuel will initially go for the industrial sector, which currently relies mostly on natural gas.

Construction of the new plant is slated to begin in 2026, with hydrogen production expected to be launched in 2029. The facility will share some infrastructure with Eneco’s combined cycle gas turbine complex within Rotterdam’s Europoort industrial area.

The hydrogen project is aligned with Eneco’s goal to make its operations and those of its customers climate neutral by 2035. The plan also supports its home country’s target to reach 4 GW green hydrogen production capacity by the end of the decade.