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Horoscope Today: March 12, 2023

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If Rumi’s immortal words are anything to go by, then the wound is where the light enters. This is something you are being made aware of as you dive deeper into your self-healing journey, Taurus. So, without judging what’s coming up or trying to put a label on it, observe the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are revealing themselves. Your inner light will help transform the old wounds into wisdom. Cancer, if you’re feeling triggered at the moment, accept what the discomfort is revealing to you. Examine how and where you can bring more light into this equation. You are on a journey toward wholeness and something tells us you are just getting started. We tend to glorify change endlessly, Scorpio. We’re always talking about making space for it in the story of our lives. But, what happens when the opportunity to transform finally comes around? Do we move forward with grace and poise or let fear keep us trapped in the known? Something to think about as you sip your morning chai, beautiful.

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