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How to say Premier League players’ names correctly

The language of football is global and so is the Premier League, currently represented by 65 different nations.

So perhaps it’s time for you to learn how to pronounce some players names as they were meant to be said. Who better to give you the correct pronunciation than the players themselves?

The video below shows a selection of players and managers and, to help, we have provided a phonetic guide as well. 

Be honest… How many have you been saying wrong all this time?

Here’s a selection of names to try to pronounce: 

Dominik SzoboszlaiDo-min-ik Sob-oss-lye

Mykhalio MudrykMe-kyle-o Moo-drick  

Joao PalhinhaJoo-wow Pow-lee-nia

Sasa KalajdzicSasha Ka-liez-itch

Kevin De Bruyne Kev-in De Bruh-ner  

Bryan Mbeumo Bry-an Ber-mo 

Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes  – Bru-no Mig-el borj Fer-nanj

Nayef AguerdNye-ef Agg-erd

Illia ZabarnyiIll-iya Za-bar-ney

Chiedozie Ogbene Chi-do-zay Og-ben-eh

Karou MitomaKar Me-toe-ma

Alejandro GarnachoAl-handro har-na-cho

Tomas SoucekTomaj So-check

Caoimhin KelleherKee-veen Kell-le-her

Yasser LarouciYes-are La-roos