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Liverpool end eight-year ticket price freeze

Liverpool have ended their eight-year freeze on ticket prices by announcing a two per cent increase for most seats at Anfield next season.

The move has been criticised by the club’s Supporters’ Board who branded the hike “cruel and unreasonable”.

The majority of general admission tickets will rise by £1 per game and the cost of season tickets, which cover all 19 home Premier League games, will climb by up to £17 for the 2023-24 season.

The price freeze will continue for juniors and the local general sale which involves around 500 tickets available for just £9 per game.

A club statement read: “LFC carefully considered all aspects of these ticketing changes and didn’t take the decision lightly to increase prices.

“The rise is a result of significant rising costs across the club. In the past five years, annual operating costs for Anfield have increased by nearly 40 per cent, and utility costs have gone up by 100 per cent this season.”

The elected members of the Supporters’ Board made it clear during discussions with the club that they were unanimously opposed to any increase in ticket prices but they didn’t have the authority to block the plans.

“To implement any price increase during this cost of living crisis is cruel, unjust, unreasonable and unfair,” their statement read.

“These increases also come at a time when LFC is reporting record revenues, increased sponsorship income and significant increases from success on the pitch.

“Support for your football team stems from loyalty and that loyalty is two way. Fans cannot switch allegiance from one club to another yet it is their pockets which are being hit.

“We proposed many alternatives to wholesale price increases such as better facilities on the stadium concourses to encourage more fans to arrive early and keeping them open for a time after the match has finished, so those who can afford to spend can do so. Another was sponsorship deals and stand naming rights to generate extra returns.

“It is unfortunate and disappointing that they have not chosen to fully listen to the voice of the fans and recognise that football fans are not the cash cow to their balance sheet. We do expect the members of our respective groups will be angry and disappointed and anticipate the fullest possible opposition to these increases.”

Anfield’s capacity will rise to 61,000 in August when the new £80 million Anfield Road Stand is completed.

Around 1,000 new season tickets will be allocated and around 3,000 new general admission tickets will be made available per game for the members sale. There will also be a new young adult (17 to 21) section in the lower tier behind the goal – doubling the number of tickets available to young supporters in the Anfield Road Stand.

Manchester United and Arsenal recently announced that the cost of their season tickets would rise by five per cent next season.


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