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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 13

Nina Simone, a Pisces.
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On Thursday evening, Venus enters Taurus. This is one of the most sensual transits the skies have to offer. It’s not just about sex but about all the ways you can find pleasure in the physical world, from good food to beautiful clothes to exercise that makes you feel strong and alive. Sometimes it can seem like a chore, even a curse, to have a body. Let Venus in Taurus remind you that it’s also a joy. Then late Saturday night, when Mercury enters Aries, it’ll feel like your thinking suddenly snaps back into focus. Daydreams and vague plans won’t satisfy you any longer: It’s time to live your values, to act.

You don’t respond well when others try to pin you down, to define your life for you, to tell you what to do. You need independence and the freedom to make your own decisions, whether or not they’re wise. This week, people in your life — maybe even those you love — might seem bossy or more possessive than usual. You may feel like you have to acquiesce for the sake of the relationship, but in the long run, this will only make things worse. Don’t create conditions for resentment to thrive. Push back gently, but push back.

Everybody’s confidence takes a few knocks sometimes, and this is true no matter how much willpower you have or how much you love yourself. Everyone experiences insecurity every once in a while, no matter how hard you’ve worked or how much you’ve achieved. If you’ve been slogging through the swamps of self-doubt lately, this week will offer relief: maybe in affirming interactions with others, maybe in quiet moments of reconnection with yourself. You’re special and interesting, a person worth knowing, and if you’ve needed a reminder of this, trust that one is coming.

If you’ve been wrestling with a problem lately — a creative block, a disagreement with someone close to you, an inability to make a big decision — and feel frustrated with how little headway you’re making, ask yourself whether the issue is that you’re trying to move too quickly. Are you attempting to fly through conversations that demand time and care? Are you hurrying through inner work that fundamentally can’t be rushed? It probably seems counterintuitive, but everything will ultimately move faster, and more smoothly, if you stop trying to speed through it. Commit to the long game.

This is a good time to think about the rules — both old and new, official and unspoken — that govern your life. It can be easy to fall into a rhythm where you color within the lines, where you do exactly what’s expected of you, if only out of habit. But this week, remember that not all the rules are worth following. In fact, some should be broken, so think about which of those might be for you. This isn’t about mindless contrarianism but about recommitting to your innermost values. You’re allowed to be stubborn about the things that really matter. You might even discover that it’s fun.

Even for somebody as independent-minded as you, it’s hard not to be swayed by society’s ideas about what is beautiful and worthy. After all, you’re constantly receiving messages — from ads, social media, the news, even your friends — about what you’re supposed to desire and how you should strive to be. How could you avoid internalizing them? This week, though, if you make a point to tune out some of this information — or at least try — you’ll find it possible to get back in touch with the weirder, wilder, more idiosyncratic parts of yourself and your tastes. You can define happiness for yourself.

You’re strong enough to withstand near-impossible amounts of pressure, but lately it’s all started to feel like too much. From the demands placed on you at work, to the effort of caring for all the people who depend on you, to your own anxieties about the future, you worry you’re reaching your limits. This week, focus on finding ways to lighten your load. Refuse to do everything that’s asked of you. When people are rude or demanding, tell them to back off. And as the pressure eases, watch as joy rushes back in.

Your imagination is busy and vivid, and you use it well. It helps you to empathize with others, to think up creative solutions to your problems, to keep going when the world seems unutterably bleak. Occasionally, however, you find yourself getting lost in hypotheticals and potential outcomes that may never come to pass. This week, take a moment to refocus your attention on what’s real. For the time being, at least, pay closer attention to what you can see and touch than abstract scenarios or the possible futures you can dream up. Prioritize the actual people around you right now.

Lately, you’ve been filled with a deep longing for reassurance that you’re on the right path. You strive to be ethical and loving and brave, to be a good person — no matter how chaotic life gets. But it’s hard to have faith in yourself when you never get any indication that your efforts make any difference. This week, finally, expect to get a little recognition — maybe kind words from others, maybe small signs from the universe that things are beginning to turn around. Even if you still have your doubts, accept the kindness you’re offered. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll be enough to keep going.

Your mind is curious, lively, and strong, and most of the time, you can recognize this for the asset that it is. Sometimes, though, it gets frustrating to think so much faster than you can express yourself, to have ideas so much more easily than you’re able to implement them. Your thoughts race ahead, and the rest of you is left scrambling to catch up. This week, the key is to keep moving. Even if you’re discouraged by how slowly things seem to be going, continue to simply take one step at a time and you’ll ultimately get to where you want to be.

You tend to view kindness with suspicion, as though it’s a distraction from the important work of living, as though harshness is somehow more honest, more authentic than gentleness. This week, though, it’ll become clear that compassion doesn’t stand in the way of accountability or personal growth but rather creates the conditions for real growth to happen. Be generous with the people in your life, even when they’re imperfect, and let them do the same for you. Life is hard enough already. Make things easier for yourself when you can.

Unlike many people, you’re totally comfortable with weird situations and off-the-wall ideas. You tend to struggle, however, when ideas are ambiguous, when relationships are undefined, when questions don’t have clear answers. You could drive yourself crazy trying to solve every puzzle, to get to the bottom of things, to fully understand everybody in your life. This week, though, try letting a few questions remain unanswered. Try accepting that some people will always be a little bit mysterious to you. Think of this not as a failure of understanding but an act of generosity.

On the one hand, it’s gratifying to feel like you finally have the world figured out — you know who you are and what you value, you know how to navigate any of the situations life might throw at you, you know where you’re going and why. On the other hand, too much stability can make you antsy and wonder whether this is all there is. This week, don’t let your restlessness drive you to do anything foolish. The universe has adventures in store for you. There’s magic still to come.

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