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Netherlands. Agreement reached for the new government, increases the tax on gambling (+ 7,3%)

Six months after Geert Wilders’ surprising election victory, the parties have finally reached an agreement to form a coalition government. In the government program signed by the coercive parties there is also an increase in the tax on gambling, which thus goes from 30,5% to 37%. This increase should guarantee the State 8 million more tax revenues.

At the end of a long meeting, which ended when it had already struck one in the morning, the 26-page document containing the budget plan for the next year was delivered to the President of the Chamber.

The news has caused considerable concern among gaming operators. The Limited Win Slots Operators Association said the new tax increase will lead to the end of the ‘physical’ sector.

According to operators, the end of the regulated sector would also mean the green light for the illegal gambling market. They also point out there are more risks in the illegal gambling ring for issues such as problem gambling and crime. In the long term, the state treasury would also not benefit from the increase in gambling tax because illegal providers do not pay gambling tax.

Henry Meijdam, president of VAN Kansspelen, calls the planned increase in the gambling tax completely socially irresponsible:

“This is the opposite of the social security that people say they want for citizens – including, I suppose, completely legal and bona fide SME entrepreneurs. It has nothing to do with good or at least correct governance. However, it is completely socially irresponsible, because this inevitably leads to major problems and costs in terms of safety and care. To address a relatively small funding gap on paper, this would simply mean removing a pillar of gambling policy support. Apparently people were not aware of this, probably due to the multitude of topics and the pressure. But this point absolutely needs to be corrected, otherwise the baby will be thrown out with the bathwater and criminals will sniff out opportunities in the illegal gambling circuit.” (Geert Wilders in the photo)