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‘Peter Parker is no more’: What Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 would look like… | Report

The Spider-Verse is one such raving topic that never dies out of fuel. In their latest conversation with reporter and insider Alex Perez, Comic Circus laid down some heavy factoids about the upcoming storyline centred around Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The British heart-throb has climbed the ranks as the longest-running actor helming the web-slinger’s mantle, coming out for six appearances in eight years. His beloved charm is rooted in youthful urbanity, and the long MCU road ahead has promised him even more emotionally stimulating trials and tribulations.

According to insider Alex Perez, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will reportedly take a darker turn like Robert Pattinson’s The Batman.(pic credit- Marvel studios)

Holland’s initial stand-out Spidey trilogy – Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home – established his origins in the MCU. But by the end of this road in the third outing, Peter Parker suffered a major blow, with the entire universe’s memories of him erased from existence. Undoubtedly, the forlorn path ahead, with Aunt May dead and no one else in his corner, will have him at odds with his identity. According to the renowned insider’s insight into future projects, things will only get rockier for everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood superhero.

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Sony Pictures is opening the gates to an animated Spider-Verse short, The Spider Within, focussed on Miles Morales’ anxiety manifesting into a panic attack. Releasing this week, on March 27, while this short film seeks to offer an open room for Miles to reach out for help, MCU’s written fate has different plans for Holland’s Peter Parker, who may have to fade into the background altogether.

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About Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 and the character’s fate in the MC future:

Alex Perez spotlighted that Peter’s next chapter in the MCU storyline will “give him a sense of independence.”

“In his mind, Peter Parker is no more… but Spider-Man lives on,” added Perez, regarding Peter’s mental state after everything he’s been through. Having lost everyone he’s ever loved, Peter can only make it through this lonely ride by fully giving in to the Spider-Man side of his chaotic identity.

As this unfolds, “Peter Parker will take a back seat and continue to fade from existence slowly,” Perez juxtaposed the new twist to his character to Robert Pattinson’s Batman in the 2022 Matt Reeves directorial.

Spider-Man 4 is yet to be officially greenlit, but all signs and reports so far are affirmatively rooting for Holland to put the suit back on. In December 2023, the English star also chimed in, hinting at the team “actively engaging in conversations about … a fourth rendition of (his) character.” Kevin Feige also echoed “We have the story” during an interview addressing the future of Marvel films.