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Premier League kits: New font for names, larger numbers

The Premier League has announced kit changes for next season, with larger numbers and a new font for player names.

Top-flight clubs will wear shirts with rebranded elements from the 2023-24 term that the Premier League says will provide “increased visibility and more impact both on and off the pitch”.

The number heights have increased from 230mm to 250mm, with the Premier League logo at the bottom also bigger. Avery says the bigger negative space in the numbers also increases visibility from distances.

Next season’s shirts will also include a resigned sleeve badge featuring a standalone Premier League lion. The tweaked design will be replicated in gold for the ‘champions’ badge worn by the 2022-23 winners.

The Premier League has worked with its official name, number and sleeve badge supplier, Avery Dennison, on only the fourth redesign in its history.

Premier League new font and badge designs [left] vs current [right] (Photos: Avery/Getty Images)
How the numbers on Premier League kits are changing (Photo: Avery)

How the numbers on Premier League kits are changing. The pink outline represents the current dimensions. (Photo: Avery)

Will Brass, chief commercial officer at the Premier League, said: “We wanted to work closely with Avery Dennison, using their expertise and experience to create new names and numbers, which were not only clearer for those watching matches in stadiums or at home, but which also incorporated the Premier League brand more readily.

“The names and numbers have become part of the fabric of the Premier League.”

The Premier League say the names, numbers and sleeve badges will be produced at Avery Dennison’s factory in Western Norway, “powered by renewable energy from a nearby glacier” and using a digital process “to ensure minimal waste”.

(Photo: Getty Images)