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Refreshworks raises €750K to boost AI transformation in Dutch businesses

Refreshworks today announced the raise of €750.000. 

Refreshworks was founded by the Dutch entrepreneurs Diederik Klever and Ebel Slijp. Since 2016, the Hague-based company has been supporting Dutch businesses and organisations in their AI transformation journey by empowering them with the right knowledge, skills, and technology.

The company offers its clients consultancy and develops AI solutions. Through business scans, the possible implementations and their impact are mapped, after which a strategy, roadmap, and implementation plan are drawn up.

Interim teams of AI architects and engineers are then placed within the clients’ teams for implementation and to offer optimal support during the transition.

 Refreshworks also offers its clients and their employees training to make sure the necessary AI skills are adopted for a successful transformation.

Since its founding, Refreshworks has been a partner of more than 250 companies, including AkzoNobel, Brunel, and Girav, and has trained over 2,500 professionals.

Eleven angel investors, specialising in AI technology, compliance, safety, and consultancy, participated in this round.

According to investor Simon Neefjes (founder of TBWA\NEBOKO): 

“The deployment of AI is essential for companies that want to be and stay competitive, by accelerating existing working methods and introducing new ones. 

This is something that has become very clear to me in the past years. Refreshworks has the knowledge and expertise to both introduce companies to AI and to help them implement all the needed tools for success.”

Ebel Slijp, founder and Managing Partner of Refreshworks, shared:

“We are convinced that action must be taken to broadly integrate AI into the Dutch business community. 

Over the past decade, the decision to integrate AI was limited to a few daring companies, now it’s a ‘must’. 

AI does not only offer ambitious companies great opportunities for growth and innovation, it also constitutes a crucial element for maintaining the Dutch standard of living, and establishing our future role in the global economy.”

Backed by this funding, the company is committed to furthering its growth and realising its mission to transform the Dutch business community into a leader in the 4th industrial revolution.

Lead image: Diederik Klever (Founder and Partner), Ebel Slijp (Founder and Managing Partner) – Refreshworks. Photo: uncredited.