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The $55 Million Rock.It Is a Dutch Masterpiece With an American Soul

In a sea of conventional or cryptic names, Rock.It is a memorable exception. It may sound unusual for a mammoth Dutch luxury yacht, but it perfectly reflects the unconventional spirit of its owner. “Rock it” sums up the work philosophy and life motto of Jimmy John Liautaud, the name behind Jimmy John’s.

It’s been said numerous times that Liautaud founded this popular chain of sandwich shops when he was barely 19. His story is the typical American success story, and whenever there’s a billionaire involved, you can bet that there’s a superyacht somewhere in the story as well.

The fast-food mogul didn’t start with smaller boats and gradually work his way up to a superyacht, but went straight for a bespoke, ultra-luxurious pleasure craft.

Photo: Burgess Yachts

Rock.It is Liautaud’s first yacht and continues to be his only yacht, after nearly a decade. Launched in 2014, Rock.It is still one of the most beautiful Feadship builds (and there are plenty of them) in operation, with stunning design and technology. But what truly makes it special is the American twist.

At almost 200 feet (60.4 meters) Rock.It has lavish exterior areas on all decks, masterfully styled by the world-famous Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design. Clearly meant for fun and relaxation, this yacht reveals a bar on each deck, and they’re all different and dazzling in their own right.

The main deck bar is absolutely decadent, with an abundance of backlit onyx and rich mahogany highlighting its circular design. The one on the sundeck is more laid-back but equally generous in size. Backlit onyx is also used for the bar inside the bridge deck salon, but a white one this time.

It seems that the sundeck is the owner’s favorite spot onboard (other than the beach club) and we can see why. The raised jacuzzi immediately draws attention, and the cozy seating on each side looks more than inviting. When the guests have had enough sun, the bar and the shaded lounge are perfect for enjoying a couple of drinks. There’s even a generous circular table for dining in the open air.

Rock\.It Superyacht

Photo: Burgess Yachts

Rock.It’s interior, also created by Sinot, is surprising. It looks classic, yet it’s clearly different than the typical American yacht interiors. It could be described as a modern take on the classic style, by mixing in the right dose of Northern European minimalism. For instance, although everything is covered in dark, high-gloss wood paneling, the oversized windows create a feeling of spaciousness, and add a touch of airiness.

Opulence would be the right word to describe accommodation on board Rock.It. All superyachts boast lavish master suites that are larger than most apartments, but to include such luxurious en-suite bathrooms is taking it over the top. A spectacular mahogany staircase and a marble lobby lead to this fabulous suite on the main deck. Expensive leathers, precious woods, and an impressive variety of marbles are responsible for the decadent style, kept in check once again by the oversized windows.

Each of the separate bathrooms reveals a stunning, unique design. The sink in “his” bathroom is a work of art, carved from a single block of black marble. In “her” bathroom, a French-style free-standing bathtub takes center stage – a lavish addition that’s not commonly found even on luxurious yachts.

Rock.It also displays an unconventional layout. The standard VIP room onboard most yachts was ditched, so that all of the guest cabins can be remarkably spacious and comfortable, no matter the size. The two main doubles, the smaller one, and the twin-bed cabin are all just as luxurious, displaying the same abundance of glossy mahogany and sophisticated appliances, as the rest of the yacht.

Rock\.It Superyacht

Photo: Burgess Yachts

But this Feadship masterpiece isn’t just about jaw-dropping style. Nine years ago, it was the first superyacht to sport an intuitive control and maneuvering system, which included a semi-DP (dynamic positioning) autopilot system.

A proven technology for military applications, it was applied on a superyacht for the first time back then. Through a three-axis steering joystick, Rock.It’s captain could take advantage of multiple maneuvering modes. This also meant greater stability, and comfort for those onboard, by enabling the massive vessel to maintain its forward direction even at anchor.

Performance was a priority for the yacht’s billionaire owner, who apparently wanted his pleasure craft to feel like a comfortable home onboard, but also cruise fast on its way to some fabulous destination.

Built with a sleek hull for high performance, and fitted with twin 1,520 HP MTU engines, Rock.It is not exactly a rocket on water, but it can hit 15 knots (17 mph/28 kph). Most importantly, performance is coupled with a generous range of over 5,000 nautical miles (9,200 km), enough to reach faraway, exotic places.

Rock\.It Superyacht

Photo: Burgess Yachts

Although he has stayed faithful to his bespoke luxury toy for so long, it seems that even Rock.It’s original owner is tempted by novelties. Liautaud’s spectacular superyacht has been up for grabs for over a year now, currently asking for $55 million. Even if it eventually gets replaced by a younger model, its unconventional character, Dutch pedigree, and pioneering spirit can’t be matched.