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‘The Voice of Holland’ ex-stars to face sex offense charges – DW – 03/14/2023

Two singing coaches on “The Voice of Holland” will face sex crimes charges, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The popular Dutch TV talent show, which inspired global editions, was taken off the air last year in January. 

Dutch broadcaster RTL, which aired the popular TV show, said the allegations that came to light early January 2022 were not previously known to them.

RTL found out about the accusations of sexual misconduct after a local news broadcaster contacted RTL.

The local broadcaster had spoken to women on the show about “sexually transgressive behavior” and abuse of power in relation to the show.

RTL said the allegations were “very serious and shocking” and suspended the show. The scandal was one of the most serious #MeToo reckonings to hit the Dutch entertainment world. 

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What do we know about the case?

Prosecutors said that a 41-year-old man will be prosecuted for sexual offenses with three women in 2014 and 2018 in the Netherlands and another country. 

One of the cases is linked to “The Voice of Holland,” and a fourth case, also linked to the show, was dropped.

A 51-year-old man will also be prosecuted for a sexual offense that allegedly took place in February 2018 “in or around the recording studios where ‘The Voice of Holland’ was recorded,” prosecutors said in a statement.

They did not reveal the nature of the charges against the two men.

A case was dropped against a third man because of lack of evidence. 

The statement did not identify either man, in line with Dutch privacy rules.

Who are the men?

Dutch media, including the RTL network, identified the 41-year-old as the rapper and Voice coach Ali Bouali. Bouali’s lawyer, Bart Swier, said last year that the rapper denied any wrongdoing.

RTL identified the 51-year-old as the show’s pianist and band leader, Jeroen Rietbergen.

Rietbergen quit the program following reports last year and admitted to “relationships of a sexual nature” with women involved in the program.

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