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Tips for a safe online shopping experience

IT was the morning of the first Monday of the month. I needed spray paint to touch up a scratch on my car. I went to three hardware shops in town, but they did not have the colour I wanted. That evening I went online to search for the item. After a few clicks, I came upon an outlet that sold spray paint and had the colour I wanted.

I clicked the “colour” and “quantity” accordingly and paid with my credit card. The amount, including the delivery charge, came to less than RM12. There was even a bonus offer of “buy one, free one”.

The next morning, Tuesday, upon checking online, I found that the seller had stated that the item had been shipped out and I should receive it by the next day.

True enough, I got it on Wednesday morning.

My credit card statement will arrive at the end of the month and I have until the second week of the following month to pay up. This means a credit period of about six weeks.

This was one of my experiences of safe and secure online shopping from the comfort of my home.

Of course, with so many reports of online frauds and scams, I had earlier done my due diligence to scout for safe online sales platforms.

Over time, and through discussions with friends and reading up on relevant information, I have gathered tips for safe online purchases.

I would like to share these with my fellow senior citizens:

> Shop only from reputable and trusted websites. Check for customer reviews and ratings.

> Protect personal and financial information.

> Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

> Make sure antivirus and malware protection on your computer are current and running to protect it from potential security threats.

> Keep track of purchases and ensure that no unauthorised charges have been made on your credit card.

> Avoid making online purchases when using public Wifi.

Following these steps give you more of a chance to experience safe and secure online shopping.