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ViCentra launches automated insulin delivery tech with Dexcom G6

The Kaleido insulin pump. [Image from ViCentra]

ViCentra announced today that it launched a hybrid closed-loop automated insulin delivery system that uses the Dexcom G6 CGM.

Utrecht, The Netherlands-based ViCentra designed the system to deliver insulin through its Kaleido insulin pump. The Diabeloop DBLG1 algorithm receives input from Dexcom’s G6 continuous glucose monitor. Together, they form an artificial pancreas offering flexible self learning with increased ease of use.

This isn’t the first automated insulin delivery system using Dexcom or Diabeloop technology. Dexcom’s, for instance, integrates into the Insulet and Tandem Diabetes Care insulin delivery systems. Diabeloop provided its algorithm for pumps from EOFlow (soon to be part of Medtronic) and SOOIL. More than 10,000 people in Europe already use the DBLG1 algorithm.

Kaleido offers users options in terms of wearability, with the choice to wear the pump as a patch or place it in their pocket. It comes with two durable, rechargeable pumps, eliminating the need to dispose of the pump every three days. Users can pause or take the pump off for intermittent breaks, too. ViCentra designed 10 bright color options as well, giving customers a more personal choice.

DBLG1 considers glucose levels provided by the Dexcom G6, alongside inputs on meals and activities, to determine insulin delivery. ViCentra said the system offers users and healthcare providers real-time access to data insights via cloud transfer.

The company plans to begin the system’s rollout in Germany, the Netherlands and France with Diabeloop. Rollout elsewhere, including the UK and Italy, is earmarked for 2024.

The views from ViCentra and Diabeloop executives

ViCentra CEO Frans Cromme said that, with the system, the company aims to deliver “the best user experience” alongside strong clinical results.

“ViCentra Kaleido with DBLG1 and Dexcom G6 improves users’ time in range by 16.7%, an achievement that should bring real benefits to people with type 1 diabetes,” Cromme said. “We are proud to deliver this game changing technology via a beautiful and small device, as we feel people deserve this when they need to rely on a medical device 24/7.”

Stephane Majerus, CEO of Diabeloop said the partnership offers “a new level of options” to manage their condition.

“This alliance between Diabeloop’s algorithm technology and the ViCentra pump aims to offer people with diabetes the benefits of the Kaleido design combined with our highly performing and proven algorithm,” Majerus said. “Diabeloop’s ultimate goal remains to make available the most advanced solutions to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes, enabling them to devote more time to their passions and daily lives.”