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What to look for in the upcoming Thanksgiving paper

Just like your dinner table will be packed with food on Thursday, the Observer-Dispatch and Times Telegram Thanksgiving issues are packed with stories and information about the upcoming holiday season. 

And, as a special bonus, the papers will arrive on Wednesday, a day earlier.  

The Thanksgiving edition, the largest of the year, will include news stories, a bonus section with children’s games, a sports viewing guide and more, along with a giant crossword puzzle.  

Do not forget the ads. The Thanksgiving edition will include all the ads from your favorite retailers. The ads can help you decide your shopping plans for Black Friday, or later in the season. 

Here is a little sample of what you can look forward to in the Thanksgiving edition, along with our websites, uticaod.com and timestelegram.com.

The case of a missing grave and holiday traffic congestion 

Our main story in the Thanksgiving paper is by reporter Amy Roth and it involves a missing grave. After a Utica family’s gravesite was moved, a woman tracked down what happened to him and finally got a marker placed where several people are now buried. 

Worried about holiday traffic and shopping in the Commercial Drive area of New Hartford? Reporter Laura Sitterly has you covered. She talked with the New Hartford Town Supervisor, along with the chief of police for tips on traveling Commercial Drive in the next few months, along with tips on keeping your purchases safe while you continue to shop. 

Sitterly has another story in the Thanksgiving paper, this one centering on area food banks. What items are they specifically looking for? What can you do to help? Sitterly’s story will have the answers. 

In sports, reporter Jon Rathbun will have a profile on senior cross country runner Margaret Rauch, who had brain surgery this spring and has returned to their team. He will look at how the school is helping to make sure they’re safe and how their life has changed.

Bonus items 

Beyond the stories, the Thanksgiving paper will have a bonus section, highlighted by a special two-page crossword puzzle, which should provide you with hours of entertainment between the big games. 

Other items included in the bonus section include: 

  • A sports viewing guide for the holiday weekend. 
  • A full two pages of recipes, along with food hotlines, should you make a mistake following the recipes. 
  • Beyond the giant crossword puzzle, there will be a kid’s coloring area and children’s games, along with more games and puzzles for adults. 
  • You will also find more stories, including how people are celebrating the holiday season. 

The Thanksgiving paper also will include a list of some of the events going on in the upcoming holiday season. Some of the major items, such as Utica and Rome’s Christmas lightings and events will have already taken place, but there are still plenty of holiday events on the horizon. 

Also, don’t forget: Thursday’s papers, Thanksgiving Day, will be e-Editions, available to read online through the paper’s website.

On behalf of the whole Utica OD and Herkimer Times Telegram team, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. 

Ed Harris is the local editor for the Utica Observer-Dispatch and the Herkimer Times Telegram.